Survey on SMF Trainee Instructor’s OJT attachments 

Can help complete it if you are an SMF Instructor or a SMF Trainee Instructor? Your inputs will be very useful to help redesign the current OJT process.


Of seeing and believing…

A senior comd reminded me in a speech about safety this week.

“I see and i will believe. I believe and i will see.” ~ Lui Tuck Yew.

We need to move away from the former and evolve to the latter. I guess it’s the same with the instructor development process nowadays. We got to start to believe that we can do better and that it can be done before we will start to see changes. If we continue to just wait and see before we start to believe that things will change for the better, then we might never move on. I’m glad to know that there are other climbing instructors out there who are fighting the good fight, in their own little ways to speed up the slow moving wheels of the national organisation. Whether it moves or not, it is still little progress and it is way better than being stagnant forever. But the process is slow and we need everyone’s support to chip in and believe as well, before we can see. Do you believe?82a6d0770aeaafbae8f26bf40a822b9b79a5c412
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