PSA : Revised SNCS Level 3 Ratio

Hi all,

I would just like to create awareness that there has been some changes in the SMF SNCS Level 3 Instructor to Participant ratio.

I contacted the SMF representatives to clarify on the ratio because it was brought up to my attention that the SEACF website states that a similar Sport Climbing Level 3 multi-pitch course offered has an Instructor to Participant ratio of 1:4 whereas the last SNCS Level 3 syllabus circulated to SMF Instructors states that it is 2:8. The SNCS Level 3 syllabus are not posted on the SMF website which led to my query to the SMF to clarify this misalignment. Because if the SMF is a member of the SEACF, who do we then follow? The parent organisation’s ratio or the local organisation’s ratio?

The SMF got back to me promptly on my query and they have since clarified that the ratio for SNCS Level 3 courses has been updated to 1 : 4. The initial ratio of 2 : 8 was used at the beginning of the Level 3 course implementation because there was a need to build in some checks and balances in the system to ensure that the course was conducted safely and correctly. They have since decided to revise it to 1:4 now. They also acknowledge that the SMF website has not been updated and they will update it promptly.

I would like to share this information with the SMF Instructor community to raise awareness that this revision has taken place in light of the lack of updates from the SMF. If there are any issues on the instructor ratio raised in future, please feel free to contact me and i can direct you to the relevant people in the SMF to clarify on this matter.

Adrian See