COP #3 Call for Volunteers!

Hi everyone,

Hope this email finds you well. It’s been awhile since the last Community Of Practice (COP) in March where we had instructors sharing on OJTs, ABDs and RP’s FYP study on the SNCS syllabus.
I am still committed to make this COP for SMF Sports Climbing Instructors a regular affair and I am aiming to organise the next one (COP #3) in late Nov/early Dec before everyone heads off for the holidays. These COPs are organised purely by volunteers who have come forward with their time to help create a platform for instructors to share so that we can grow the instructor community.
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COP #3 is still a blank sheet of paper as of now. Hence, this is a call out to the SMF Sports Climbing Instructors community for volunteers to help organise the third iteration of our COP.  It is with your help that will make it a reality come November.
If you would like to get involved with the planning and organising, or you have something to contribute, kindly please drop me an email at or a message at 9474 6410 by 25 Oct 2017 (Wed). Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions also and as always, please help to spread the message to your instructor friends.
Appreciate your support for the COP and i look forward to meeting up with all of you again. Please stay tuned for more details.
Adrian See
Instructor Contact List Sign Up : 
Climbing Instructors COP #2 Record 19 Mar 2017 :

SMF AGM on 26/7/2017

The Singapore Mountaineering Federation (SMF) Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on 26 July 2017.

But, the secretary has informed me that only members are allowed to attend it. I’m just putting it out here so that we know it’s happening. Members, please attend to make your voices heard. For more details, please contact the SMF Secretary.

Go figure.

PSA : Revised SNCS Level 3 Ratio

Hi all,

I would just like to create awareness that there has been some changes in the SMF SNCS Level 3 Instructor to Participant ratio.

I contacted the SMF representatives to clarify on the ratio because it was brought up to my attention that the SEACF website states that a similar Sport Climbing Level 3 multi-pitch course offered has an Instructor to Participant ratio of 1:4 whereas the last SNCS Level 3 syllabus circulated to SMF Instructors states that it is 2:8. The SNCS Level 3 syllabus are not posted on the SMF website which led to my query to the SMF to clarify this misalignment. Because if the SMF is a member of the SEACF, who do we then follow? The parent organisation’s ratio or the local organisation’s ratio?

The SMF got back to me promptly on my query and they have since clarified that the ratio for SNCS Level 3 courses has been updated to 1 : 4. The initial ratio of 2 : 8 was used at the beginning of the Level 3 course implementation because there was a need to build in some checks and balances in the system to ensure that the course was conducted safely and correctly. They have since decided to revise it to 1:4 now. They also acknowledge that the SMF website has not been updated and they will update it promptly.

I would like to share this information with the SMF Instructor community to raise awareness that this revision has taken place in light of the lack of updates from the SMF. If there are any issues on the instructor ratio raised in future, please feel free to contact me and i can direct you to the relevant people in the SMF to clarify on this matter.

Adrian See

Invitation to SG Climbing Instructors COP #2

Dear Instructors,
We would like to invite you to the second Community of Practice (COP) for SMF Climbing Instructors. The COP will be held on 19th March 2017 at ITE College Central and will take place from 6pm – 10pm in the evening to facilitate those of us who are teaching or coaching over the weekends.
The inaugural COP in October 2016 was conducted in an Open Space format which generated many interesting conversations. This time we will be getting some of our peers to share on topics facing the instructor community to give us some insights and perhaps give us some ideas on how we can improve our own teaching practices. The topics are as follows:
  1. Mr Stanley Yeo will be sharing on “Rethinking OJTs for Trainee Instructors”.
  2. Mr Ben Toh will be sharing in an Open Forum the rationale behind introducing the ABD in gyms.
  3. Ms Tan Ai Chin will be sharing on the RP DOAL’s FYP study of the SNCS syllabus.
We hope you can join us and RSVP your attendance on our Facebook Events page (Scan the QR code attached in this email or search on FB for “SG Sport Climbing Instructors COP #2”) to aid us in our planning. Also, we would really appreciate it if you can share this around to instructors in your network so that we can reach out to as many instructors as possible.
Looking forward to having you join us at this COP #2. For any enquiries, i can be be contacted at Thank you and have a great day ahead!

Adrian See

on behalf of the Organising Team (Joe Tang, Fish Thia Biyu, Samie Vu)


MOE instructors to require NROC soon.

FYI for Instructors who want to do MOE programmes. You will need to be a member of NROC soon.


MOE INSTRUCTOR REGISTRATION (MOE) <> 16 February 2017 at 08:41

Dear Physical Sports CCA Coaches,


1. This email informs all physical sports CCA coaches of the requirement to have at least provisional membership with the National Registry of Coaches (NROC) before they can be registered with MOE’s Registry of Instructors from 1st January 2018 onwards.

2. This requirement aims to enhance the quality of learning experiences for all our students participating in physical sports CCA, as coaches engage in continuous learning and skills upgrading. Members of the NROC will be able to access more professional development opportunities with Sport Singapore (SportSG) and their respective sports associations.

3. All physical sports CCA coaches currently registered with MOE will be eligible to register for membership with the NROC, as they would have met the registration criteria for provisional membership as announced by SportSG:


·         A valid First Aid Certificate  and

·         Values and Principles in Sport (VPS) or National Standards in Youth Sport for Coaching in Singapore Schools (NSYS) Certificate.


4. The NROC Provisional Membership is free-of-charge and valid for 3 years, or until December 2020, whichever is earlier.


5. All coaches applications for registration with MOE submitted from 1st January 2018 onwards will be required to show proof of NROC Provisional or Full membership to MOE before their application can be processed. Coaches whose MOE registrations expire after 1st January 2018 will remain registered until their current registration expires.

6. Hence, you are encouraged to apply for NROC Provisional or full Membership at the NROC website at before your current MOE registration expires. You may also submit the attached NROC membership form to

7. Information on MOE Instructor Registration can be found at the MOE website Further information on the NROC Provisional Membership for Sport CCA coaches can be found in the Press Release.

8. For further queries, please contact the MOE IRS team at

Thank you for your attention.

Warmest Regards,
The MOE-IRS Team

This is a system generated e-mail. Please do not reply to this e-mail.



The one about refreshing…


It’s that time of the year again… ok bi-yearly…. time to renew the First Aid Certs again. Now if you think about it, if you intend to work in the outdoor adventure line all your life or even just do part time work with it, you will be retaking that cert once every 2-3 years at least. That means the same old lectures, the same old pumping and blowing, the same old Stop-Think-Act or DrABC or whatever acronym they come up with now. Now my cert was coming to an end so it was time to start looking around for a refresher course (if anyone would take me) or a standard first aid course.Allow me to give you a bit of background first. I have held many first aid certs in my life, I have the usual St. John and Red Cross ones, i have the army Combat Casualty Aid Course (CCAC) ones, I have wilderness first aid certs and PADI required me to maintain a Emergency First Responder cert if i ever wanted a shot at becoming a DM (haven’t yet…) . At one point in time, i was even certified as an Emergency Medical Technician… i was told that that was equivalent to a Paramedic B licence ie. i can assist a full fledge paramedic. So like i said, if you want to work in this line, be prepared for first aid cert after first aid cert after first aid cert all your life…

Now as i was shopping around for another course provider, i was reminded about how complicated the first aid scene has become. There are so many choices available as you can see from  my list above. I did a check with some of the climbing gyms and it seems like they accept all as long as it’s a first aid cert. So i thought it would be good to do a little check to remind us of what are the first aid requirements for instructors. First up of course, you need a valid first aid cert before you can conduct a course. That’s a given. So here we go, what other things do we need to know?

So according to the Singapore Mountaineering Federation (SMF) website :

“The Trainee Instructor must hold an approved, currently valid First Aid qualification before he/she may apply for the certification assessment. A list of first aid qualifications that are recognised by the SMF is shown below. Approval may be sought with the SMF to substitute with other first aid qualifications provided the request is accompanied by proof that their scope of coverage is equal or more advanced than those listed below.

Recognised First Aid Qualifications:

  • Standard First Aid Course from the Singapore Red Cross Society
  • Adult First Aid Course from the St. John Ambulance Association
  • Wilderness First Aid Course
  • SAF Military Medic Course” 

That’s quite clear. As long as you have a cert in that (quite limited) list, you can conduct an SMF course. If your certification is not on the list, no problem, just get hold of the syllabus and drop SMF an email asking for an endorsement from them to use the cert in place of whatever they have on the list. Note that the first aid training needs to be more rigorous or at least as good as the recognised courses in the SMF list. If and when SMF do reply, you better then hold on to that email and proceed to conduct your courses.

Now it gets more tricky when you are asked by the climbing gyms to conduct what we call a “SEP” programme. That stands for Sports Education Programme (SEP) under the MOE. In a gist, there are special requirements for the instructor to fulfil before he can conduct a course under the SEP programme. Why do schools want to do SEP? Because they get 50% subsidy when they run it under the SEP banner. If you want more info about the SEP, you can click on this link : 

Instructor(s)/coach(es) are to be equipped with a valid recognised Standard First Aid Certificate at point of submission and at point of conduct of programme. Please view the List of SportSG Recognised First Aid courses

So if you want to be a SEP instructor or coach, you will need to not just have a Standard First Aid Cert, but your cert must be from an approved list of vendors dictated by Sports Singapore. The list can be found here : 

“Sport Singapore has appointed the National First Aid Council (NFAC) to accredit the Standard First Aid Courses by various training centres for the coaches in the National Registry of Coaches. The objective of this process is to ensure they have met the requirements for training facilities and training standards. “

And more details about the accreditation of first aid courses can be found here on the Sports Singapore website : 

Note that the standard first aid course that you are attending must have CPR+AED in it. There are some courses that do not come with it, they tend to be cheaper and shorter. Basic First Aid is also not recognised because it does not come with a certification, just a certificate of participation…which like i like to say, you can just go home print out on your home printer and decorate and make it nice for yourself…. ANYWAY… Yeah note that it has to be from this approved list of vendors or else it will not qualify you as an SEP instructor or coach. For those of you who are interested in signing up as a National Registry of Coaches (NROC) coach, i think there are even more stringent criteria that you need to fulfil,  you need to read up further on the website.

So yeah, that’s a summary of the research that i’ve done so far. Gonna go get my cert renewed so that i can continue teaching. Looking forward to three boring days of lessons and trying to act cocky to those first timers taking the course. But it’s something we all got to do as instructors and coaches. Don’t get me wrong, i am not belittling the course, it’s good to get refreshed every 2 years because skills do fade, but it’s just a pain in a butt to have to jump through so many hoops just to renew certs all because they come from different organisations. In my experience having attended so many programmes, they all teach the same things… i wish someone can just coordinate that part then refreshing certs will be less painful. Oh well… Here we go… 1-and-2-and-3-and-4-and….

Peaceful Vibes!

*Afterthought : If there are any discrepancies or inaccuracies in the information here, please let me know and i will make a correction. Thanks!

Is Dropped Gear Still Safe?

Now that you mention it…Nobody ever showed me “that report/study that was done on dropped carabiners and they failed way below what they were designed to do…” I’m guilty of promulgating this climbing myth about micro-fractures on dropped metal equipment. Are you? Will you still?


You are afraid of “micro fractures,” the invisible damage reportedly done to gear when you drop it. Question is, where is the report that proves these devils? It’s a ghost, much talked about, never seen.

Source: Is Dropped Gear Still Safe?