The one about clearing my FB backlog…

Just a couple of sites i have been saving on FB for the longest time but never got around to sharing them. Great for teaching resources.

    A very useful article on using re-directions when we teach Level 2. I think this is one thing that is hard to recreate at the gyms because most of the routes simply go straight up and there’s very little chance for a redirection. So the climbers don’t really see the use of learning this. And rem, when you dun use it, you lose it. So sometimes i have to deliberately build in this practice by getting them to climb diagonally so that they will have a chance to practice considering the direction of their quickdraws.
    You know those autobelays you see emerging at climbing gyms. Ever wondered how they work? Here’s a good article about magnetic braking which some of the devices make use of. Good to know so that you will understand the limitations of the device.
    ABD’s are all the rage now. Here’s a good review on the different devices so that you can further advise your L2 climbers when they ask you which device is more suitable for them. I always tell them to get something that they feel comfortable and familiar with rather than the cheapest one on sale…
    This is more for those teaching Level 3. More different techniques you can consider to add to your arsenal of tricks. Can be a bit complicated but if you break it down and consider the intent of each step, it becomes easier to commit to your memory.
    Bolting. For the one or two curious climbers who want to know more about how climbers actually bolt routes on natural rocks. Good to know because it’s a fascinating topic for new climbers especially for those who don’t get outdoors much.

So there you go, some resources i hope you will find useful in your classes.


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